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Lawyers can be expensive, so many people have begun to use generic legal forms to represent themselves in getting a divorce or dissolution, writing a will, or starting their own business.  The problem is folks who buy these fill-in-the-blank legal forms sometimes discover a court won’t accept the legal papers they paid for and worked so hard to put together.

We took the uncertainty out of the online legal form business by having an attorney help our online clients get what they pay for.

Our staff gathers information from online clients.  An attorney transforms the information into documents guaranteed to be accepted by any Ohio court or state agency.  We then provide the client with a complete set of instructions on what must be done to make the documents effective legal instruments.  These instructions include a script of what the client has to say in court for divorce and dissolution cases.

Our fees are usually the same as other online services and give more security for people who need to get out of a bad marriage, write a simple will or start a business.  Check out what we do by clicking on any of the tabs to the left.  Better yet, click any “GET STARTED” button and try our service before you buy.

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How It Works

How it Works

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